Queen of Ibile

Queen of IBILE

Queen of Ibile

Our young women quite frequently aren’t an integral part of the affairs of this great State. The Queen of Ibile Pageant seeks to serve as a medium of unification in Lagos/Nigeria. The intent of this project is to involve the young women of Lagos in the affairs of the State and to empower them through a healthy competition on an annual basis. IBILE is a meaningful acronym.  It is comprised of the first letter from the names of the five administrative divisions of Lagos State- Ikorodu, Badagry, Ikeja, Lagos Island and Epe. This will instill a sense of pride and joy of ownership to residents of each division. Amongst other states, Lagos is renowned for its unique and spirited beauty.  It is recognized for fairness in its dealings, solidarity, and co-ordination.

The Queen of Ibile Pageant will allow contestants to participate in a pageant and reality television program that will showcase their knowledge about the State while promoting progress on infrastructure through the annual project theme. Awards will be given to individuals and government officials who have contributed significantly to the infrastructural developments of Lagos State.

Auditions will be contested to select 57 contestants that will represent all Local governments and LCDA in Lagos State.  

The top contestants will proceed to the camp for 2 weeks. Here they undergo series of activities such as talent showcase, workshop, costume showcase, sporting exhibitions, tourism, exploration and lots more. The contestants however will be shared into 5 groups with a celebrity mentor. The 5 group which will be named according to the acronym (IBILE)- the viewers are to start voting for their favorite from here on. The essence of these activities is to bolster their experience and knowledge. Over the period of camping, the appointed celebrity’s judges will be on hand to examine the contestants and award them marks based on their performance in each activity which will be aired live for viewers to follow the activities and vote their favorite.

Winner’s Task

The winner of Queen of Ibile Pageant immediately resumes her office and commences her project in Lagos. Firstly, she goes on IBILE tour creating awareness on certain women issues and infrastructural development projects, carrying out charity works, tackling feminine challenges and publicising the image of the pageant with its mission. The crowned Queen is also expected to travel around when it is required. She becomes a FACE for ‘Ibile’


The objectives of this project, though ambitious, are quite practical in achieving improvement in the State as whole while creating opportunities specifically for young women.

• Grooming them into role models responsible and responsive to their various communities
• Mobilising and sensitising female gender on the need to get involved in the affairs of their communities
• Carrying out skilled and informative empowerment programmes for women and the girl-child
• Grooming them into an ambassador for a better/ greater Lagos
• Annually showcasing 365 days infrastructural development of the state
• To promote Lagos State tourism, arts and culture
• To reduce unemployment and eradicate irresponsibility among our ladies
• To build leadership abilities, technical expertise and program management skills toward the development of the State.
• To create and develop specific community-based roles that project Lagos’s image locally and globally thereby lending support to the Lagos mega city Project.
• To equip them with information, skills and opportunities for action to grow into self-actualized young women.
• To strive to give these ladies and girls the opportunity to rise to the top, empowering them to become leaders of change.
• Women empowerment

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This is a beauty to serve initiative and the contestants will be working industriously on tackling a lot of challenges that involve the use of their intelligent quotient-the activities are carefully selected to go in line with what we stand for

  • Workshop
  • Speech delivery by each contestant/debate on the theme of the event
  • Beauty to Serve presentation by contestants
  • Courtesy visits
  • Photo Exhibition

Motivational talks and counseling by celebrities and lots more…