Queen of Ibile

BTS Beauty To Serve

In line with the motto of the pageant “Beauty to Serve”, every contestant is expected to take part by coming up with a community based project in relation to the annual theme from which we will select the best for funding and execution. 


Aims and Objectives of Beauty To Serve (BTS)

  • To engage in humanitarian activities that will promote, enhance, celebrate and empower female gender in Africa and the world at large
  • To carry out various humanitarian projects that will address the social development issues embedded in the society within Africa
  • To create awareness and sensitize people, particularly female gender on social development issues such as poverty reduction, health care, child education and women empowerment, rural agricultural expansion, gender equality and feminine challenges amongst others

Words from the CEO

  • We all dream with an optimistic mind frame
  • Some dreams come true in fulfillment to the dreamer
  • Some dreams wither like neglected plants
  • And what becomes of the dreamer?
  • Should the dreamer lose hope and go for the odds?
  • Or should he see death as a necessity to boycott shame?
  • And life seems unappreciated…………
  • The secret of accomplishments is not dependent on the collection of dreams sought
  • Persistence is the motional force in realization
  • They say life without mission…….shrinks off in frustration
  • But there seem to be some remedy dreaming it big
  • So that our lives do not shatter in volatility
  • Many tread the paths discovered by others
  • Like the saying ‘imitation is limitation’
  • Some dreams wither because they lack originality and realness
  • It worked for him, may not work for you
  • I Dare You To Be Different


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